Monday, September 12, 2011

'To the Rescue' scenario bug FIXED

It appears that the scenario file for 'To the Rescue' on easy difficulty got corrupted somewhere between final testing and upload to AppStore. All other scenarios are fine. A fix for this issue was submitted to the AppStore, but due to Apple's review policy, it will take at least a week until it is available.

Sorry for the inconvenience and many thanks to Aaron, who informed me about this issue.

-- update --

The Apple was really quick this time, and an update to version 1.3.1 containing just the fix for this issue is now available on the AppStore. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iAdmiral 1.3 released

Another update is available, this time bringing the iAdmiral up to version 1.3.

There are quite few new features, including the Realistic Mode which can be switched on making the ships behave more... er... realistic. In this mode ships may no longer freely turn on the spot, but have greater capacity to sail against the wind. Sail damaging amunition plays greater role in this mode, and it is explained in detail in a included video tutorial.

There are also 3 new ships - the small and weak Pinnace, the versatile Fluyt, and the powerful Fast Galleon.

Two additional scenarios showcasing those ships are included.

Another important thing, you can now try iAdmiral for free using the Lite version now available on the AppStore here. It includes absolutely all features of the original, but is limited to just 3 scenarios.


Monday, July 18, 2011


After a rather long approval process, iAdmiral 1.1 is available on the App Store right now! Go check it out!

Because this version adds support for lot's of devices besides the 4d gen, the beta tests are suspended for now.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Version 1.1 is coming...

Work on version 1.1 is nearly complete, and it will be a huge update - packed with lots of new gameplay features, completely redone instructions section, multiplayer, numerous UI improvements, new scenarios, forts...

Meanwhile, here are the new video tutorials, that will be included with the next game version:

Tutorial 1: Basics of interface - moving around the map, saving game, etc...

Tutorial 2: Navigation - movement and turning, wind effects and so on...

Tutorial 3: Combat - Ammunition types, boardings and cannon fire...

If you are interested in joining the beta tests, read the previous note. Especially if you have an iPhone 3GS or 3rd gen iPod Touch.

Friday, June 24, 2011

iAdmiral and iPad 1 Beta

Judging from reviews, chatter in the forums, etc, the biggest problem people have with the game right now, is that it does not support iPad 1. It makes people angry to the point of calling me names, questioning my ability to code, etc etc. Fun stuff.

The real, and only, reason why the game does not support iPad 1 is that I do not own any 3rd gen Apple devices. I cannot test the game on them, so I have no idea how will they look, how fast will they run and even if they run at all. I plan on getting more toys from Apple, but that may take a while.

Luckily, there is a way to speed things up, to mutual benefit.

Do you guys know TestFlight? It's a service aimed exactly at this kind of situation - a platform for beta testing iOS apps. I'd like to welcome any of you wishing to play iAdmiral on iPad 1 or another not yet supported device to participate in beta tests.

What do you get?
1) To play the game earlier, and for free!
2) On not-yet-supported devices too!
3) To actually influence the game direction and features.
4) If you really help out, there will be PromoCodes coming your way after the update is released, so you will get the whole finished game for free too!

What do I get - faster and more through tests, resulting in a better game.

Seems like a win-win to me.

If you're interested, head here, and register your device. I should have a first beta build ready over the weekend.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Work continues...

Despite it being only a week since the release of version 1.0, work on the game continues, even as you sleep (I live in the JST timezone...). The next version will bring different ammunition types, better AI pathfinding, new scenarios and lots of other improvements.

Meanwhile, the iAdmiral got a short review on the boardgamegeek forum. Go read it!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

iAdmiral v1.0 is out!

The first version is out!

It is available here.

If you have any comments, opinions or bugs to report, leave them in the comments!